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> We are builders of the finest quality, most accurate and most affordable Naval Warship models at their scale. We sell completed and fully assembled models. If you are looking for kits that you build yourself, you are in the wrong place.

Throughout this site, any photo can be clicked to show a larger image. And if, depending on your screen resolution, the "magnifying glass" icon is displayed, you may be able to click it to view an even higher resolution scrollable image.

Try this with the image to the left. Considering that the entire model shown is less than 12" long (perhaps about the width of your screen), we think that you will be amazed at the detail.

The models photographed on this site are all at 1/350 scale. That's roughly 12" long for a destroyer and about 22" long for a large aircraft carrier or battleship.

Our models are custom built to your specifications. Please see our "Orders" page for additional information. We certainly do not claim an ability to predict the future, but it is not unreasonable at all to assume that, as in the past several years, the value of these individualy signed fine art models will increase.

We are 3rd generation US Navy veterans. I personnaly, can think of no more meaningful and appreciated gift to a US Navy veteran father, grandfather, brother, sister, husband, wife or friend than a high quality model of the ship on which he or she served.

Honor their service with the gift of a model of their ship

The cost of these models varies from as little as about $500 for a medium detailed 1/700th scale destroyer to as much as about $15,000 for a very high detailed 1/350th scale modern aircraft carrier with a detailed and lighted hanger deck and accurate air wing markings. The choice is yours. Contact us and let us know what interests you.

Please browse and enjoy our site and email any thoughts or comments.

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Although many competitive products are made in South East Asia, all skilled craftsman's work associated with THESE models was

Made in the USA

3/30/2010 - USS Chevalier DD(R)-805