Fine Scale Warship Modeling
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> Each project is a custom build to your specifications. In the best of circumstances you would provide us with the name of the ship and the specific date or range of dates for which you would like it to be modeled. Ships undergo frequent modification and updating. The date is important and can have a surprising impact on the ship's appearance. If you aren't certain of the dates, we can work with you to refine and determine the correct date. For example, if you know your loved one was aboard during Okinawa, Inchon or whatever, we can tell you the date.

The next question is the size of the model. All models photographed on this site are at a scale of 1/350th. Scales that produce smaller models (1/700th is common) are less expensive but show considerably less detail. Larger scales can be quite expensive. We recommend 1/350th as a very nice balance of detail versus size. If you are unsure about the scale, take a look at the physical dimensions of the 1/350 models photographed here. You will find that they will fit nicely on a shelf or an end table.

Last, we will work with you to determine the extent of detail that you desire. Detail can vary widely. If, for example, you know that your loved one was on the forecastle of a specific ship doing some specific task when injured, we can model that (before injury) for you. If you know that your loved one was a signalman, we can be sure that he is personally represented with signal flags in hand in the finished model. Additionally, detail can vary widely from "simple" to "astonishing". It should be obvious that "astonishing" detail is more time consuming and therefore more expensive than "simple" detail. We will work with you to determine the model that fits within your budget.

  • Once these parameters have been determined, we will provide a quote for the build, an estimate of a start date (based on other contracted work) and date of completion and a simple contractual agreement.
  • We require 50% payment in advance before work begins.
  • When the contract is signed and that payment is recieved we will order all parts and products required for the build.
  • Starting 2 weeks after reciept of those parts and of the actual start date of the build we will send you photos weekly of the progress being made.
  • The final 50% balance will be billed with delivery and is due within 30 days of delivery.
  • Wood Base and case are included at no additional charge unless a custom base/case has been requested, which may involve additional cost.
  • Shipping, due to substantially varying costs, will be billed additionally with delivery.

Many ask what a "typical" cost might be. That is very diificult to define. It depends on many factors including, ship selection at a given date, availability of ship plans and photos at that date and "general knowledge" of how a particular ship was configured on a specific date. Costs can vary from as little as $500 for a small scale small ship (ex: escort destroyer) to as much as perhaps $15,000 for a rare and highly detailed large carrier or battleship with "astonishing" detail.

The choice is yours. Email us - or call (925-980-8932) and let us know what you are looking for. We will do the best that we can to provide it at the best possible price.