Fine Scale Warship Modeling


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"Running out of superlatives and praise ...
It seems almost everyday that we are overcome with ever better models.
Today.... Ed McDonald; ....USS Chevalier... a grey boat that looks intricate and "un-flat" the result of a lot of fine detailing work and a controlled hand with colour!
I need to consult a Thesaurus... greater spectrum of praise words required!"

"It's amazing, how the bar can still be raised further and further!"


"For the Missouri, Ed McDonald's ship is an excellent reference. He is a very meticulous modeler who always goes the extra yard for accuracy, so it should help greatly!"

"I love your Missouri as shown on model warship web site. I think it is beautiful and a VERY nice job."

"Ed: What a fantastic job you did on this model. The photos were a pleasure to view and the workmanship just jumps out at you."

"New guys like me can shorten the learning curve so much when experts like you are willing to share their years of experience and I am most grateful to you. Your USS Missouri will be my benchmark for many models to come."


"My compliments with the result of the battleship Iowa. It was a pleasure to look at all the pics."

"Ed, Thank you very much for the very impressive photos which you sent of the USS Iowa model. I am certain that we will do an article in our next newsletter using some of the photos and telling a little about you and your projects. Thanks again for thinking of us.
USS Iowa Veteran's Association."


"Let me start by saying that your models are magnificent. Great job on the detailing. I have just recently taken some time out to start back on a Tamiya 1/350 New Jersey model that I have been neglecting (I attached a few older photos of her, she is a little further along now and not detailed as much as I would like of course). Anyway, I will start next on the 1/350 Trumpeter North Carolina. After seeing how well your model came out, I thought maybe you could give me some pointers on painting the dazzle camoflauge scheme. I have only painted MS.22 on my Missouri and a basic scheme on my New Jersey, so this will be a challenge. Any tips would be appreciated (not just on painting either. Take care."


"I am a fellow ship modeler who lives in the Akron, Ohio area and found your BB-56 build while reading the "Calling all Ship Fans" North Carolina thread on MW. What a marvelous job you did on the NC conversion and it is exactly USS Washington 11/42 that I wish to create myself."

"Dear Mr. McDonald--
I saw the photos of your excellent Washington model on the Washington website and also went to the link on again on your fine model."

"Thanks for your email and the photos. I have taken a good look at your model and I am impressed at the detail. You have done an excellent job of reproducing the Mighty W as she was on the night she took the Kirishima out. It would be an honor to add a few of your photos to the USS Washington BB56 Website. Please allow me a few days to get the page up. I will also include a link and your email on the site."

"Ed, if you have no objection I would like to add you to our USS Washington BB56 Associate Roster. I have already added your email but would like your snail mail address. We are a growing group of direct descendant and honorary friends of this great ship and the men who sailed on her.
Thanks again Ed for contacting us and the excellent work you have done to in preserving the history of the USS Washington.
Ill drop you a note when I have your page online. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
Howard Wright
USS Washington BB56 Associate Unit, Inc.


"In case you may not know, I am an advisor, researcher for DML on many of their ship projects. I emailed them your pics of their kit, your fantastic build and they want to use hi resolution copies of your model pics for their CATALOGUE."

"Ed, great job on the Buchanan (the Fletcher too)."

"Dear Ed,
Your models look terrific, right down to the snaking below the lifelines!
Regardless, maybe I should reorganize my DEPARTMENTS-MODELS section, eh? And maybe I should kick that off with a home page photo from yousay a higher resolution image that shows your complete Buchanan from an angle that will fit in 730x480 pixels? Id do that!
David W. McComb
Destroyer History Foundation"


"Tremendous job by Ed McDonald on the Lansdowne!
Beautiful model and a great article. Thanks for sharing!"

"Thank you, Ed ... for the outstanding guide to building the Dragon Buchanan (and sisters). This is an article that I will refer to over and over again, I'm sure. One of the best descriptions of approaching a modeling subject that I have ever read."

"Although I just recently finished building the 1942 version of the Buchanan, Ed's article has inspired me to jump right back in with another Benson/Gleaves project. My only problem is, do I take on the Buchanan '45, Laffey or Livermore? There are several techniques and building suggestions contained in the article that will be invaluable to improving on my next build. Thank you Ed for taking the time to share your experience and expertise with us."

"Excellent job! I love to see how everyone envisions different variations on the same theme! Great article also!"

"Very well done sir"

"Hi, Ed,
Just enjoyed a 1/2 hour looking over your model of the Lansdowne, then looking at your Fletcher class DDs. Excellent work, with a great eye for detail."

"Gorgeous build my congrats!"

"These types of builds are an inspiration to me. It's very informative, especially in the "how to" department. Thanks for sharing your experience and expertise."

"Congratulations! What a work of art and together with such beautiful instructions. Both the model and instructions are to be treasured."


"I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed seeing your Engalnd in the gallery today. Great work, lots and lots of fine details and overall a very 'real' looking ship. ... your work gives me inspiration to move on."


"Beautiful build. Very crisp & clean, especially the dazzle. Well done!"

"Mr. McDonald's ship is stunning"

"Ed two thumbs up - great job mate."

"I wanted to thank you for the postings of your remarkable build."


"I was very impressed by your build. The care and detail is superb."

"Ed, Beautiful ship builds!"

Ive viewed your battleship models on the and find your detail and research awesome."